McFadden Lighting is a manufacturer of fine architectural lighting located in downtown Saint Louis, MO. For more than 70 years McFadden has been the leading church lighting manufacturer in North America. More recently, McFadden has entered into the historical restoration and custom lighting markets.

McFadden Lighting got its start fabricating theater lighting. At the request of local churches the company began fabricating church lights which eventually became the focus of the company. With that focus came the reputation as the leading church lighting manufacturer in the country. As decades passed McFadden was proud to see that when churches were renovating, they came back to us for their new sanctuary lights. In some cases, churches are so pleased with the aesthetics of the original McFadden design that they simply want to restore and/or retrofit their lights with modern lamping options. These opportunities have contributed to our growth in historical restoration, replication and retrofit.

McFadden has the unique ability to say that much of what Mcfadden restores was originally manufactured in our St. Louis facility. However, as more prestigious institutions sought out a company with the knowledge, skills, and experience to professionally restore irreplaceable luminaires, they found a partner in McFadden. Today, McFadden proudly boasts some of the most famous colleges and government buildings (not to mention houses of worship) among its clientele.

While working on projects with some of our more creative clientele, McFadden Lighting found that the product that was eventually specified was nothing like what was published in a catalog. The entire company is set up to provide maximum client input to achieve as close to design specification perfection as possible.  Many McFadden Lighting clients consider the company a custom lighting manufacturer first. In this category McFadden frequently works with design firms creating the lighting from a napkin drawing. Many of these bold works can been seen in national hotel chains, movie theaters, as well as casinos.

McFadden endeavors daily to lead the industry in each of these categories. The focus is on quality, attention to detail, and an unparalleled client experience. McFadden invites you to consider working with us on your next lighting project.


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